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Work with an English professor who’ll help your academic writing stand out.

Academic Essays

If you didn't enjoy writing it, your professor will hate reading it. The best essays are a pleasure to read, fascinating to write, and solve problems that matter.

Scientific Research Reports

Your research is only the first step; now we need to let the world know about it by publishing in leading research journals. Here's how.


Recruiters at top universities and competitive jobs filter through hundreds of applicants.
Let's make sure yours stands out.

Custom Tutorials

Did you hit the intermediate wall? Break through to the advanced levels of English fluency through lessons and writing exercises designed specifially for you.

Here's the Truth:

Writing well isn’t about following rules; it’s about knowing your options. Developing your writer’s toolkit and learning to spot your own errors is the only way to write confidently at the university level.

What if you could...

have an English professor to take you step-by-step through everything you need to reach the advanced levels of fluency required in university, the sciences, and modern fields of work?

So you can finally:

  • Feel free and confident to express yourself in the #1 global language
  • Build strong networks with other academics and professionals in your field
  • Access the latest research published in international journals
  • Study abroad and collaborate with people from around the world
When you can express yourself clearly, doors open.

Let me help you with that.

Reserve your tutorials with William by the hour or on a monthly basis.

🙋‍♂️ Hi, I’m William—an English professor, editor, and writing tutor at one of the top science & tech research institutes in South Korea.

I have degrees in English and EFL Education, and I’ve been helping English learners write in university for over 10 years.

Work with an English Professor

Let's get to work. Schedule our tutorials by the hour according to your own schedule.

Ongoing, on-demand support for your writing, including:

  • feedback sessions
  • writing exercises
  • in-depth writing tutorials
  • argument development
  • lessons personalized to your level and interest.

3 hours

Good for: developing a specific piece of writing (e.g., essay, report, application)

Book 3 hours

5 hours

Good for: ongoing, periodic tutorials (e.g., over the course of a semester)

Book 5 hours

10 hours

Good for: ongoing, frequent tutorials (e.g., over the course of an academic year)

Book 10 hours

Question? Read the FAQs.

Let's Chat

If you'd like to chat before signing up, please book a 15-minute call to go over your writing and set a plan of action.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can my writing coach help me?

I can...

  • Help you brainstorm on how to get started on a paper or how to best approach a paper assignment or prompt, particularly in terms of how to construct an argument;
  • Read a full or partial draft of a paper and comment on its overall argumentation (use of textual evidence, logical flow of argument, persuasive placement of points, etc.);
  • Read a full or partial draft of a paper and comment on its organization, both globally and at the paragraph level;
  • Spot patterns of mechanical errors in your prose and teach you how to identify and correct these patterns;
  • Make suggestions for how to revise a paper for greater coherence, clarity, and persuasiveness of argument.

What can my writing coach not do?

I can't...

  • copy-edit, proofread, or otherwise “correct” papers;
  • fix grammar errors;
  • do your homework;
  • read papers longer than 10 pages, double-spaced;
  • meet outside available tutoring hours.

I have an upcoming tutorial. How should I prepare?

  • The Zoom link for your appointment will be located in the Location link in your appointment confirmation e-mail.
  • Check-in for your appointment up to 30 minutes in advance. Use the Check-In Link in your appointment confirmation email to check in. This will let me know you are ready to begin your session.
  • Also, please prepare your document to be shared by creating a link to view it in Google Docs.

How long is a coaching session?

Each session is 50 minutes long. This is enough time for us to focus closely on 2-3 pages of your writing.